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For your own security, in case of fire we have taken all necessary measures, and all our staff are trained to help you in case of danger.

Fire Safety Instructions

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In every room there are instructions on what to do in case of fire.

Do not smoke in the room and in internal public areas, and always use the ashtray when you are at your balcony.

In case of difficulty in walking, please notify the Reception.

If you discover a fire:

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  1. Notify the Reception immediately and remain calm.
  2. Activate the alarm by breaking the glass in the nearest alarm call point.
  3. Evacuate the room by closing all the back doors.
  4. Do not stop / delay to collect personal belongings.
  5. Alert the maid or any other member of the staff.
  6. If you smell smoke, stay low (smoke rises up)
  7. Use the nearest exit point.
  8. Do not enter the room until you are notified that it is safe.
  9. If you have to stay in the room, seal the door with wet towels, open and remain near the window until someone is there to assist you.
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